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Delivering freshness as

nature intended

We contribute towards the agricultural sector by adding value, reducing & improving post-harvest losses. Providing high quality fresh, nutritious, hygienic fruits & vegetables always. We aim to build an organization around a consumer and performance-based culture where individuals work together as a team to insert their passion and creativity as the heart of HAC Agri.




  • Develop the Un-developed – Potential Markets & their Framework.

  • Explore the Un-explored – Innovative Agri Products & Packaging.

  • Manage the Un-managed – Post-harvest Losses, Supply Chain & Grower’s Well-being.

  • Customer is always right.

  • We shall provide value to the customer & never cheat.

  • People are our greatest assets.

  • We shall never compromise on quality.

  • We shall continually improve.





  • We Can Do It – Every member of the HAC family is empowered and knows that every challenge is an opportunity worth exploring and overcoming. We never give up.

  • We Will Get It – On our journey we’ll win some and lose some, but we have a stout sense of ownership that, we face every challenge all the way. We own our defeats just as we own our victories. We remain open to the changing world and embrace it, not run from it. All this is second nature to us as we are driven by our need to achieve the best.

  • We Won’t Do It – We will always do right by every single stakeholder of ours. We will never betray the trust of the ones around us whether by our actions or by our product.

  • We say “We” – HAC Agri is a family and we value diversity from all walks of life across our entire company. We know as individuals we can deliver but together we can achieve the impossible.

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